Ten Questions for a Fictional Character: Justine of Would You Have Believed Me?

Check out the third and final character interview from my debut novel Would You Have Believed Me?
Would You Have Believed Me? publishes tomorrow.

The Procrastinate Reader

Hey, everyone! This is the third and final in the character interview series for Would You Have Believed Me? which is publishing tomorrow! Don’t miss this wonderful book!

To read Interview 1 click here, to read Interview 2 click here.

12/29 3:00 p.m.

Eric rises from the chair to be replaced by the same young girl I had met hurrying from the house earlier, Justine.

I extend my hand, offering her a smile which she returns despite the bags beneath her eyes. “Annya Qunitero.”

Her head bobs in acknowledgment, her handshake firm. “I’m sorry I had to run off like that earlier. Last moment errands I had promised Mom I would do before the big day.” She fidgets in her seat, her gaze flicking away for a moment.

“Not a problem. Shall we begin?”

She excuses herself for a moment to grab us two cups of hot tea…

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Second Character Interview from Would You Have Believed Me? by Justina Luther — Becoming Eryn Ryans

Hey, everyone! Here’s the second character interview for my novel Would You have Believed me?

Ten Questions for a Fictional Character: Eric Mitchell of Would You Have Believed Me? #1 Of the Step into Darkness Series Hey, everyone! This is the second in a series of three character interviews for Justina Luther’s upcoming book Would You Have Believed Me? To find the first interview, click here: https://justinaluther.wordpress.com/2019/03/18/ten-questions-for-a-fictional-character-camille-arnold-martin-of-would-you-have-believed-me-1-of-the-step-into-darkness-series/ 12/29 2:30 p.m. […]

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Ten Questions for a Fictional Character: Camille Arnold Martin of Would You Have Believed Me? #1 of the Step into Darkness Series


12/29 2:00 p.m.

My cab pulls up outside a nondescript suburban house with tan siding in Adnerba, Ohio and I tug my bag with notebooks and pens after me, swinging it over my shoulder. You’re Annya Quintero, you can do this. So what if this is the first interview you’ve done where your name is connected to it? You’ve got this! Shivering against the winter blast, I start up the front walk, passing a hulking man with auburn hair and amber eyes. I smile at him, readying to see if he knows where Camille is, but the glower he gives me makes me rethink the idea.

When I ring the doorbell the front door swings open and a petite girl with brilliant gray eyes stands smiling up at me. “You must be Annya! Come in, Mom is back in the kitchen. You’re interviewing her first, then my boyfriend Eric, and I’ll be last.” She thrusts a hand out to me, her smile not quite meeting her eyes. “I have to run but I’ll see you later. The kitchen is just down that hall.”

With a quick motion the way I should head, she scurries off, pulling on a thick white overcoat.

I follow a long front hallway to a kitchen with bright yellow walls where a woman sits hunched over a stack of thank you cards.


Her head snaps up, eyes just like the girl’s ,sparkling. She stands, waving her hand to an open chair. “Annya, please, sit. I couldn’t believe someone wanted to interview little old me about my wedding.”

I smile. “Shall we begin?” Continue reading

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Here is my interview with Justina Luther

I was interviewed on Author Interviews! Check it out!


Hello and welcome to my blog, Author Interviews. My name is Fiona Mcvie.

Let’s get you introduced to everyone, shall we? Tell us your name. What is your age?

Hey, y’all and thank you Ms. Fiona for letting me take part in your blog today. My name is Justina Luther and I’m 27 years old.

Fiona: Where are you from?

Originally I’m from Missouri, but when I was growing up my family moved so often that now I simply say I’m from the USA. My mom was in retail and very good at her job. When a store was having issues the company she worked for would move her in as the manager to clean things up and then off we’d move again.

Fiona: A little about your self (ie,  your education, family life, etc.).

Due to moving so often, my parents offered me the option of being home schooled…

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Character Bio for The Interviewer

Hey, everyone! As has long been my tradition here, a mysterious interviewer always interviews the main characters from my stories. Now that my debut novel Would You Have Believed Me? is publishing in May, I thought it was time to introduce our interviewer character properly.  Between now and when book 1 of my Step into Darkness series publishes, our interviewer will be interviewing the three main characters from Would You Have Believed Me? on my blog as well as 2 more that are helping me out. I hope you enjoy this interview series!

Now, without further delay, it is my privelage to introduce the character of The Interviewer:

Annya Qunitero

Name: Annya Quintero

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Nationality: American

Height: 5’4

Education: National Fictional Character Unversity, home of the Fighting Unicorns. She majored in journalism and graduated at the top of her class.

Hobbies: Reading, boxing, and crocheting.

Early years: Born to Leigh and Justin Quintero, Annya loved words from a young age. Among her first words were Swarrow and hippopotmus. Always curious, she would sink easily into any book given to her and made up her mind quickly that it would be her passion in life to uncover every detail about the characters that populated her world.

Professional Life: Annya currently works for Author Justina Luther.

Personal Life: Single and not looking, she prefers to focus on her career.

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Cover Reveal: Would You Have Believed Me?

Author: Justina Luther

Title: Would You Have Believed Me?

Genre: Young Adult/New Adult Suspense

Release Date: 5/10/19

Publisher: Crazy Ink


17 year old Justine Leonard wants to be happy for her widowed mother when she meets, falls in love with, and marries a new mystery man, Dirk Martin. But while this man seems to shine like a knight in freshly polished armor, Justine can’t shake the feeling something isn’t quite right. Is Justine’s gut telling the truth, or is everyone else right when they say her imagination is playing with her?


Justine presses into the warmth of Mother’s palm and tries to ignore the nagging pit in her belly.

“Why don’t you and Dirk chat while I find the little bride’s room?”

“Mom, wait. I—”

Mother lifts her glass in salute and takes a final sip of wine. “Be back shortly.”

“I feel I should apologize for our conversation before the wedding.” Dirk slips into the now empty seat. “To upset you was never my intention.”

“I appreciate it.” She picks up her water glass and gulps it down while she scans the room for Eric’s tall frame.

“Do you?”

“We need another chair here for Eric. Someone ignored the seating chart.”

“No, I changed it. I put him with his mommy.”

His words slither down her spine and her flesh puckers in waves. “Excuse me?” She purses her lips.

“We should get acquainted. Eric is a distraction.” He tilts his head and reaches for his glass. “I want to know the secrets those beautiful silver eyes of yours hide. We are family now, after all.”

“I’m honestly still processing this wedding actually happened.”

“Really?” He smooths his auburn mustache.

“Four months isn’t enough time to know you’ve found someone to marry.”

He slowly nods, his shrewd amber gaze studying her while he swirls his brandy. “Your statement is incorrect. We dated each other for a month before she accepted my proposal, the remaining three we spent planning the wedding.” His chuckle rumbles in concert with the bass of the stringed music. “Perhaps what Camille saw expedited the process?”

“Is this some backhanded way of calling my mom shallow?”

“If you choose to interpret my words that way, then fine. However, it’s natural for people to assume some things.” Raising his glass, he shuts his eyes and savors its scent. “People might deduce you’re intelligent from of the color of your hair and feminine because of the length. I’ve learned these are true.”

Shifting, she studies the crimson velvet curtains draped above the windows.

He leans toward her, each word tinged with alcohol. “I’m sorry. I meant to say she trusts me. I wish you would too. There must be something here to make you happy.”

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Author Links: 

Facebook Author page, Facebook reader group, Twitter, Goodreads, Amazon, Blog, Bookbub

Author Bio: 

Justina Luther is a lifetime author with a passion for reading and for people. Be it a story or something she’s learned, sharing with her readers is her greatest joy. 1935934_101310369888935_1508550_nWith a love for trying new things, she constantly finds experiences to add depth and realism to her fiction. Her short story titled GED=OMG was published in Beginnings XIV, her short story titled Choices Made was also featured in the For Melissa anthology. Her blog Welcome to My Imagination has won several awards. Her debut suspense titled Would You Have Believed Me? which is book 1 of the Step Into Darkness series is publishing in May of this year and she is currently working on book 2 as well as several short stories to be published soon.

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Merry Christmas!

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