Ten Questions for a Fictional Character: Stephanie of Connections.

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Spoiler alert! This post contains information about my short story titled, Connections. If you have not already read this story then click the link below before reading on.


I enter World’s Await book shop, and Stephanie smiles at me from behind the checkout counter. The store is quiet this afternoon, so she closes and leads me back to her office, her desk strewn with papers. She fidgets in her seat and looks at me expectantly. “Do I speak first, or do you?”

I do. What did you think when you realized Kevin was Kingsly’s brother?

Her eyes widen. “I thought—” she looks at the pencil and paper in my hands, “Actually, I’d rather not say the words I thought of. It occurred to me Kerry might have planned it, but she wouldn’t do that even to someone she hated.”

What was Kingsly’s reaction?

“He was stunned, but there was something else in his reaction too.”


“Sadness, I think. I called him the next day to tell him I hadn’t known about his connection. He said he understood, for the first time, why his brother had moved here.” Her eyes tear and she blinks shaking her head. “Sorry, I’ve been dealing with a lot of emotions lately.”

Why did you and Kevin breakup?

She straightens the papers on her desk. “My version of that story is he wanted a less serious relationship than I did.”

What’s his version?

“That I cheated on him.” She sighs. “I never did. When I’d try to set up a date he almost always had some catering job to do. Sometimes he’d even cancel our dates for a job. I started spending more time with my friends and the day before I graduated from college he accused me of cheating on him.”

Have you talked to him since your date with Kingsly?

“Kevin called me the next day. I almost didn’t answer the phone.”

What did he say?

“He told me he liked my book shop, and that he’d almost come in to talk to me hundreds of times, that he’d lived here for almost a year. He told me he was sorry for the way things had ended.” Her gaze wanders off into her thoughts. She shakes he head. “Every time I think about trying to build a new relationship, everything inside me wants to run.”

Would you consider going on another date with Kingsly, or dating anyone else?

“It might sound crazy, but I’m not capable of that. I’m still in love with Kevin, and to me, dating someone when your heart still belongs to someone else isn’t fair to anyone involved. The whole time I’m with them, I’d be wishing I was with Kevin.”

Is it fair to you to stay focused on Kevin?

“No, it’s not. Perhaps I’m being overly emotional, but it feels like I can’t help it.”

Final question, do you think you and Kevin will ever have a relationship again?

“Maybe someday. To have a relationship, you have to have trust, and right now trusting him is the last thing I do.”


To see this character’s Pinterest page visit:  http://www.pinterest.com/justinaluther/things-stephanie-likes/


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    I love the story + interview format you got going here!


  3. its an amazing way of connecting with your readers. i like it…


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