Ten Questions for a Fictional Character: Kevin of Two Connections

Photo by reverenb at morguefile.com

Photo by reverenb at morguefile.com

Spoiler alert! This post contains information about my short story titled, Two Connections. If you have not already read this story then click the link below before reading on.


A hostess escorts me to a booth in the back of Kevin’s restaurant, The Rose Fountain, where a plate of sushi waits. I take a bite as Kevin joins me.

“I’m sorry you had to wait. Thank you for being willing to set down with me. The publicity will be great for this place.”

“My readers were very curious about your story. What made you decide to try to win Stephanie back?”

A smile turns one corner of his mouth. “Other women either hated my jokes, or worse, my food, or they fawned over everything. I realized I had made a mistake when I let Stephanie go.”

“You were obviously nervous before your date, why was that?”

“Stephanie,” he laughs, “is stubborn to an extreme.” His smile vanishes. “I deserved to lose her trust, but I knew gaining it back would be next to impossible.”

“Did she lose any of your trust when she sent Kerry in her place?”

He shakes his head. “I understand why she did it, as crazy as that sounds. She felt like she couldn’t ask me the questions she needed to. Kerry could.”

“One reader asked, ‘What emotion did you feel at the moment you knew it was not the twin you love?’”

Kevin sighs, his eyes widening. “Anger. I thought Kerry was trying to make me feel as stupid as I probably made Stephanie feel. ”

“How did you feel once you knew that wasn’t the case?”

“Hurt.” Kevin knots a napkin on the table.

“Some readers were curious why you didn’t see she wasn’t Stephanie immediately. Should you have, if you’re as in love with Stephanie as you claim to be?”

“Are you questioning my feelings for her?”

“No. I’m simply asking what my readers want to know.”

Kevin’s shoulders relax a bit. “I’ve asked myself the same question.” He shakes his head. “I know exactly how I feel about Stephanie, but I was so concentrated on everything being perfect so I could get her back, that I didn’t stop to check something I took for granted.”

“Are you saying you take Stephanie for granted?”

“What? No!” He scowls. “Why are you twisting my words?”

“I want my readers to understand you.”

“There was a time that I did, but losing her taught me that being with her isn’t a right, it’s a privilege.”

“One reader wanted me to ask, ‘Are you jealous of the relationship Stephanie and Kerry have?’”

“Of course not.” He begins tapping his fingers on the table. “I’m glad they’re close. I’m close to my family too.”

“Do you think Kerry is jealous of you?”

“You just want to cause trouble.” He stands up. “No, I don’t think she’s jealous. I think she was trying to help Stephanie. Anything else?”

“Are you and Stephanie back together?”

He looks away and inhales deeply. “No. I’m glad we’re talking again, but she wants to be my friend right now. For her that’s giving me a chance, so I can live with that until she trusts me again.”

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Thank you so much for reading and for the awesome questions y’all asked! I hope you enjoyed the interview.

To check out Kevin’s pin board, click here: http://www.pinterest.com/justinaluther/things-kevin-likes/

To read Stephanie’s story Connections click here: https://justinaluther.wordpress.com/2014/06/30/connections/

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12 Responses to Ten Questions for a Fictional Character: Kevin of Two Connections

  1. wlloydjr says:

    Kevin is a bit sensitive on some of those questions today. I mean, I can see where anyone could take for granted certain physical characteristics of a person, but he noticed the birth mark was missing as soon as he held Kerry’s hand. So wouldn’t that mean he does notice small things. Now, as far as colors why did he get orange flowers if he is attentive to detail with Stephanie. I enjoyed this interview. I think Kevin needs to understand we’re not twisting his words, we’re just wondering why he is trying so hard but missing simple things that would make a girl happy. I love this.


  2. Good for you! Kevin reacted like a person, with flaws and all. We as readers really dont want perfect characters, even when they disappoint us. It is vmery difficult to draw a human character and do bad things with them or to them, but you must “thrwart your characters” at least at some point or they wont be part of any good fictional narrative. It is one of the fiction wrter’s hardest tasks, so i am very glad you havent succumbed to an easy resolutcion to this relationship. Make it difficult. Make kevin difficult. It is all the more interesting that way!


  3. Sorry for all the typos above, but doing so correctly and quickly on an iPad really is difficult for me! Pam


  4. molash says:

    LOL. Well, this is new.


  5. I’m kind of sad they are just friends now. But it is what it is. You can’t force love and sometimes the timing is off. I broke up with a boyfriend who is now my husband XD We stayed friends in the interim. I was just really young, and he was my first real boyfriend. I didn’t know what I wanted at the time. When we got back together he asked me to marry him like 2 months later XD I was 21 at the time, so pretty young. We’re still married 7 years later, and I love him more than the day we got married.

    The answer to the question about Kevin not noticing it was Kerry makes sense now. If he was really nervous or trying his best to make everything perfect he might not have noticed. I like Kevin. He seems like an awesome guy 🙂 He’s okay with being friends with her and not bitter. Many guys would be, and for me that really stands out.


    • Congratulations! I love real life stories like that.
      Don’t give up on them yet. 😉 Their story might not be done. Thank you so very much for reading and commenting. It means a great deal.
      By the way, I’m hoping to have my “bookshelf” post up soon. Thanks again for inviting me to be a part of it.


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