Ten Questions for a Fictional Character: Angela Miller of My Reality.

Photo by pedrojperez at morguefile.com

Photo by pedrojperez at morguefile.com

*SPOILER ALERT!!!* This post contains spoilers for my story My Reality. To read this story, click here.

As I walk into Angela’s room, her scream shatters my ears. Her gaze sprints across the room as she backs away.

“Angela, I’m here to interview you. We’ve met before.”

Stepping toward me, she reaches out and pokes my arm. As Angela touches me, the fear leaves her eyes. “I—Your hair is different now.” She looks over her shoulder and sighs. “Is Ronni still out there?”

I nod. “Is he like you pictured?”

“He’s older, but yes.” Covering her mouth, Angela shakes her head as her tears spill. “You can see him too?”

“Yes. Have you talked to him?”

She goes to the wall and slides down. “I have. This is what happens.” Angela stretches out her wrist, revealing the healing wounds. “Ronni—my Ronni—doesn’t want me talking to him. The medications don’t make him leave anymore.”

A low laugh rumbles in her throat. “I’m never leaving,” she smiles, her gaze chilling my spine.

“How many faces are there to your personality?”

Angela’s lips turn down. “Three, including me.”

“The last time we spoke, you told me Ronni came to you after your mother’s accident. Was that the time when you met the real Ronni?”

Angela rubs her forehead. “I’ve tried to remember. But I can’t fill in that blank. For the first time, I really feel like I’m going crazy.”

“Have you been hallucinating any more people outside of yourself?”

“I don’t know. They said that was a reaction to my medications.” Angela’s voice falls to a whisper. “At least I’m still that sane.”

“How does it make you feel to see the real Ronni?”

Her jaw tightens. “He’s not the real Ronni! I am.” She glares, leaning toward me. “Angela’s mine. He can’t have her.”

“Angela, have you asked the Ronni that’s outside if he remembers how you met?”

She giggles. “Angela is scared to. She’s a big baby.”

“Sophie?” I smile as she nods, lowering myself to the floor. “Do you remember how they met?”

Her gaze grows hard. “Don’t answer that! She’s not your friend, Sophie.”

Angela’s eyes widen. “Please, Sophie, I have to know! If you remember—”

“Babe, shut up! Sophie, you have to protect Angela. She doesn’t know who to trust.”

I touch her shoulder. “Sophie, the truth might cause pain, but it needs to be known. Do you know who the real Ronni is?”

Her eyes widen in innocence and she nods.

“Sophie, please tell me! I beg you! I’ll lose what mind I have left if I don’t know! Ronni will kill me. He’ll kill us!. I can’t fight him without knowing!”

She slams her hand against the ground. “Shut up!”

I touch her knee. “Sophie, who is Ronni?”

Her gaze wavers as she swallows. She leans toward me, putting her lips to my ear. “He’s the one who killed my mommy.”
Thank you so much for reading! Want to know more about Angela? Check out her Pinterest page here.

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6 Responses to Ten Questions for a Fictional Character: Angela Miller of My Reality.

  1. mihrank says:

    wow – this is amazing – do you prepare interviews??


  2. I will say this 100 times but I love it!


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