Ten Questions for a Fictional Character: Nurse Jeannine of To Remember

Photo by Jade at morguefile.com

Photo by Jade at morguefile.com

*Spoiler Alert!!!* This post contains information about my story To Remember, if you haven’t read this story click here before reading on.

I call to Jeannine as she hurries to her car but she ignores me. Hopping back into my truck I follow her until she pulls over.

“What do you want?” She springs from her car and comes to my door. “I don’t want an interview!”

“Please, the story didn’t show you in the most favorable light.”

She pulls her sweater closed and crosses her arms, her eyes narrowing. “What will this do but get me arrested?”

“Allow you to tell your story.”

Jeannine glances over her shoulder with a quaking sigh. “Follow me.”

Her Honda guides me into the parking lot of an apartment complex and I walk with her to her door.

“Before I answer anything,” she pauses with her hand on the handle, “you need to know I love those two. They aren’t my blood, but they’ve become my family.”

I nod, and we enter into her living room.

“Would you like something to drink?”

I shake my head.

Pursing her lips, she sets down on the sofa and offers me a chair.

“Thank you—”

Her jaw tightens.

“Okay, one of my readers asked, ‘Did you become a nurse because of what happened?’”

She shakes her head. “No.”

“Were you always a nurse?”

“No. No one is born a nurse.”

“What did you do before you became a nurse?”

“Nothing. You asked if I’d always been a nurse, not if I’d had any jobs before that.”

I take a deep breath and steady my pencil. “How did Carly and Brandon come to stay at Danburry Residence?”

“After they were released from the hospital, they both needed to be cared for. Brandon’s parents are elderly, they adopted him later in their lives, and Carly’s parents weren’t financially able to care for them. Danburry is meant to be a paid retirement facility, but the Danburry family had seen Brandon and Carly’s story on the news and they asked to help.” Her eyes tear. “They’re a wonderful family. I’ve worked for them for twelve years.”

“Do they know about your involvement in the crash?”


“How is that possible?”

“After Brandon pulled me out of the SUV,” her cheeks turn crimson, “I stumbled into the woods off the highway. I was tipsy, and disoriented, but my home was only a block away. I passed out. The next morning I was able to care for my minor burns. I made it to my shift that afternoon, and every day since. Brandon saved my life.” She swallows, taking a deep breath. “They’re my family now.”

“Why didn’t the police connect you to the crash?”

Her shoulders tense. “It wasn’t my car, and there wasn’t anything in it to connect it to me.”

“Had you stolen the car?”

Her eyes widen. “What? No! I had gone on a blind date and he picked me up in his car. I was nervous and forgot my purse at home. He ended up completely drunk, and I had thought I would be the safer driver.” She lets out a rueful laugh. “I thought he could sleep it off at my place.”

“What happened to him?”

“If he’d lived, we probably wouldn’t be talking right now.” A tear slips down her cheek.

“Last question, do you ever want Brandon and Carly to know who you really are?”

Her gaze drops. “I used to hope they’d never know, but now? I see Brandon wanting so badly to remember, and it makes me feel worth less than mud.”

Thank you so much for reading, and a HUGE thank you to everyone who asked a question! It means so much to me to share these stories, and I thank you all for spending a little time in my imagination. Unfortunately, Jeannine, being the unwilling character she is, doesn’t have a Pinterest page. I hope you’ll check back next Monday for another story!  

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2 Responses to Ten Questions for a Fictional Character: Nurse Jeannine of To Remember

  1. donnalhsmith says:

    Cool Justina! 🙂 Interesting how you can bring things out just by asking a few questions. Keep up the good work Justina! 🙂


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