Ten Questions for a Fictional Character: Mr. Drant of To Daddy’s for Christmas

Photo by jdurham at morguefile.com

Photo by jdurham at morguefile.com

*SPOILER ALERT!!!!!* This post contains information about my story To Daddy’s for Christmas. If you haven’t read this story yet, you can read it here.

I set in the visitor’s area waiting for Mr. Drant. He takes the seat across from me with a grunt of recognition.

“Let’s get this done. I’m exhausted.” The bags beneath his eyes and the pallor in his skin are evidence of his claim.

“My readers were very curious about your story. Thank you for speaking with me—”

“I’m not here for small talk. I’m here to answer questions. Let’s get on with it.”

Taking out my notes, I flip a few pages. “The question I think is on the forefront of many minds is, did you kidnap your daughter?”

He shakes his head. “How can someone kidnap their own kid?”

“Fair enough, but the judge called you an unfit father. Didn’t you lose custody of her?”

“No. Being an unfit father was an opinion, a passing comment, not a final ruling.”

“One reader asked, ‘Who was the judge?’”

“My cheating ex’s new flame.” He crosses his arms. “She thinks she really traded up, but she’ll never do any better than me. I’m that little girl’s dad.”

“The same reader asked, ‘Why did he say that?’”

He snorts. “Why do you think? If he can get my ex what she wants, he gets her. What she wants is to be rid of me.”

“In the story you seemed to be very concerned about your little girl. One reader asked, ‘What happened to your daughter?’”

“I was worried about her.” He glances at his hands. “She’s everything to me. The trooper told me after we crashed she had made it out of the car and wandered up to the road.” He begins to gently rock. “The snow wasn’t as heavy yet, I guess, because a woman saw her and took her to her home before reporting it. Whoever she is, I’d like to thank her, someday. She saved my daughter’s life.”

“The same reader asked, ‘Where you drunk the night of the crash?’”

“You can keep questions like that to your own self, unless you want me to get my lawyer.”

“Who is Bianca?”

“You mean was.” He rubs his chin. “She’s my daughter’s mom, she was my wife.”

“One reader asked, ‘Why did you want to get away from her?’”

“Would you want to stay with a cheat who wanted to steal your kid?”

“Did you kill your wife?”

Squaring his gaze on me, he shakes his head. “I’m not perfect, but I’m no murderer. She deserved a lot of things, but this wasn’t one of them. I might hate her for what she’s done to me, but she still gave me my daughter.

“Final question, do you know who did?”

“Ask the judge.”


Thank you so much for reading, everyone! And a HUGE thank you to those who asked questions. Due to the craziness of the holiday season I’m unable to add a pin board for this post, but once the new year starts, I’ll begin doing those once more. I hope you enjoyed this piece. Thanks so much for spending a little time in my imagination. Check back next week for another story.

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