Ten Questions for a Fictional Character: Jannet Oakley of For a Life

Photo by ronnieb at morguefile.com

Photo by ronnieb at morguefile.com

*Spoiler Alert!!!!* This post contains information about my story For a Life. If you haven’t read this story, click here before continuing on.

Jannet smiles weakly as I take a seat beside her hospital bed. “I’m so happy you’re here. What,” she sneezes, “would you like to ask me?”

“Thank you for speaking with me. One reader asked, ‘How did you feel when you saw the news?’”

Closing her eyes, Jannet leans her head back. “Honestly? Blank. It felt like some strange trick. Then shock, which turned to confusion, then anger, and now sadness.”

“The same reader asked, ‘Are you going to find out if it’s true?’”

“After Melody was well enough for a visit, I begged her to submit to a DNA test.” She exhales sharply. “She refused, but told me it was true.”

“Preston seemed ill at ease from the beginning. Another reader asked, ‘What previous experiences led Preston to not trust Melody or Toby?”

Jannet shrugs. “He never liked or trusted my parents, who adored both of them. He believes if you’re liked by someone untrustworthy, then you must be hiding something yourself. The fact that they never let him into the inner circle of the family didn’t help.” She glances away.

“Toby came across as trying to hide all of this, the same reader asked ‘Did he know that Preston would show you the news story, and thus instructed his security guard to stop him?’”

“I’ve run that over in my mind a million times.” She wets her lips. “I believe, Toby had prior knowledge of the information leak. If so, he absolutely knew Preston would tell me eventually. But, I think the guard was there to keep me,” she rolls her eyes, “from being interviewed.”

“Why was this hidden from you?”

She smiles. “I don’t think my parents could handle the idea of having a teen mother for a daughter. She was their princess, and the pedestal they had her on didn’t have room for two. My family didn’t have money anymore, but they had their name. Their heritage is what attracted Toby to Melody. She was padding for his resume, I suppose. Once that connection was made, there was no way I could ever be told the truth.”

“One reader asked, ‘How has your perspective changed?’”

“I think it’s made my standing with them a bit clearer. Whereas before I hoped one day to earn their trust, I know now there will always be a catch, or a twist I didn’t see coming. I’ll never be trusted.”

“Another reader asked, ‘Moving forward, will you try to connect with Melody as a sister, or a mother?’”

“Right now,” Jannet shakes her head, “I want to connect with her as a person. I’m not capable of connecting with her as a sister anymore, but I don’t know how I could ever see her as a mother either. Especially not when I’ve watched her raise her kids with the loving care my—Grandmother, and Melody, never showed me.”

“Another reader asked, ‘As senator, how did Toby deal with you seeing the truth?’”

She takes a deep breath. “Thus far? With silence.”

“Another reader asked, ‘How does this event change your loyalty to your family?’”

“This might sound strange, but it doesn’t. To me, trust and loyalty are two different things, and I will always be loyal to them. I’m willing to build some sort of relationship again, even if I don’t know what form it will take.”

“Final question. One reader asked, ‘How has this incident changed your life?’”

She shrugs. “I don’t know yet. So far it hasn’t.”

I jump as a man barges into the room.

“Are you, Jannet Oakley?” He says.

She nods.

He tosses a yellow envelop onto her lap as two nurses pull him away. “You’ve been served!”


Thank you so much for reading everyone! And, as always, an extra HUGE thank you to those who asked a question. The support you’ve shown my work in ‘likes,’ visits, comments, and follows has been truly inspiring. Writing is my passion, and I know a writer is nothing without readers. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with those you love! Merry Christmas to one and all!

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