Ten Questions for a Fictional Character: Yelena of The Climb

Photo by  DodgertonSkillhause at morguefile.com

Photo by DodgertonSkillhause at morguefile.com

*SPOILER ALERT!!!!* This post contains information about my story The Climb. If you haven’t read this story, click here before reading on.

I meet Yelena at the cliff edge, Zander’s blood stain still visible. She turns, hearing the gravel roll under my feet and takes a deep breath.

“How is Zander doing?”

“He’s recovering.” She coughs and rubs her arms in the warm air. “The doctors can’t find a reason he survived.”

“One reader asked, ‘Have either of you ever had trouble with people like The Architect before?’”

Yelena’s face pales. She shakes her head. “I’m a kindergarten teacher from the suburbs! I didn’t know there was anything out there to be scared of other than heights.”

“That brings me to another reader question, ‘Why are you afraid of heights?’”

She rolls her eyes. “Really? My husband was attacked and that’s what you’re asking me?” Yelena begins to pace when I wait for an answer. “What’s not to be afraid of?”

“The same reader wondered if it wasn’t related to some past incident.”

“What difference does it make if my mom dropped me on my head or if I fell off a playground slide?”

I don’t respond.

“I fell off a tall slide, okay? Are you happy?”

“Another reader asked, ‘Who was the chubby kid in school that climbed the rope?’”

“It was Whitney!” She digs her nails into her arms. “Can we please get back to the whole my husband being put into the hospital by a psychopath thing?”

I take a step back. “One reader asked, ‘Is there a reason The Architect is targeting you?’”

“My husband is a moron!” She laughs, her gaze cast toward the sky. “That’s why he’s targeting us. It’s so clichéd it’s stupid.” She kicks a rock.

“Why is he targeting you?”

“Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of Prince Charming, someone dashing, fearless, and rich. I should have known there is no such thing. I grew up with nothing, and watched my mother working three jobs just to keep the lights on. I was working two jobs before I met Zander. He strode into the store I was working at, everything about him screaming money, and he was kind and attentive. I fell in love with who I thought he was…”

“The same reader asked, ‘Who is Zander?’”

She shakes her head. “Someone who wanted to give me the life I’d dreamed of and fell in love with me before I’d ever met him. Zander was best friends with a good friend of mine and he took money from the wrong people because he wanted me to believe his cash flow was endless. Whitney tried to warn me.”

“One reader asked, ‘Who is Whitney?’”

“She’s my best friend, why?”

“The same reader asked, ‘Why did you want to meet her at the mall?’ I’m wondering if you wished you’d known what was going to happen to Zander.”

She glares at me. “If you think she knew what was going on, you’re wrong. She has a good radar for crap and smelled it all over him.” She looks at her shoes. “Whatever Zander is or isn’t, I wouldn’t change being there.”

“One reader asked, ‘How long have you two been married?’”

“A little over a year. I just wish I could have figured out who he was before he decided to steal those stupid books from The Architect.” She shoves past me. “I’m done with this.”

Thank you so much for reading everyone, and a HUGE thank you to everyone who asked a question! Want to know a little more about this character? Check out her pin board here. Want to read the next story in this character universe? Click here.

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