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Flu Season

Hello, everyone. My flu addled mind still realizes this is not the post your were expecting. I am so sorry. For a week I have been battling this silly bug, and my mind is still not back to full strength. … Continue reading

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Ten Questions for a Fictional Character: ___________ of The Rival

*****SPOILER ALERT!!!!***** This post contains information about my story The Rival. If you haven’t read this story, click here before reading on. As Aurora’s apartment building comes into view, I see a hoard of people swarming the pavement below. Cop … Continue reading

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The Rival

***SPOILER ALERT!!!**** This story is a sequel to my story Falling, and it’s subsequent character interview. If you haven’t read these, click here for the story, and here for the interview. I drop another letter onto the growing pile at … Continue reading

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Follow Me!

Hey everyone, I know I usually only post once a week, but I wanted to let you know that I’m now on Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads! I would be thrilled to see y’all on those pages and would … Continue reading

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