Ten Questions for a fictional Character: Aurora Blackright of Fighting

Photo by johninportland at morguefile.com

Photo by johninportland at morguefile.com

***SPOILER ALERT*** This character interview is a follow up to my story Fighting. If you haven’t read this story, click here before reading on.

I sit across from Aurora and her father at his beach house. She fidgets with the tea the maid left, steam curling into the air as she hands me a cup.

“I want it to be completely clear,” her father says, wagging a finger, “you are not to warp anything my daughter says.”

“Dad I’m—”

He silences her with a look.

Clearing my throat, I nod. “Aurora, you’re story has intrigued readers from the beginning, specifically your relationship with Mark. Have you spoken to him since you left the hospital?”

She gives an involuntary shrug and winces.

“You don’t know if you’ve talked to him?”

“Don’t be flippant with her.” Her father scowls.

Aurora places a hand on his shoulder. “We’ve had short conversations—”

“Against her better judgment. The man won’t leave her in peace!”

“Dad, please. I’m a grown woman. I can speak for myself.” She smooths her skirt. “Yes, I’ve spoken to him—briefly—but I’m keeping my distance for now. It’s best for us both.”

“One reader asked: Why can’t you just leave him?”

She glances down at the rug and her father squeezes her hand. “If I wanted to leave him,” her eyes level on me, “I would. But I don’t want to.”

“Why don’t you want to?”

“As idiotic as this is, I love him. My heart isn’t something in my control, as much as my mind wishes it was.” Her lips thin to a wisp of a line.

“Love him?” Her father’s jaw slackens. “He tried to have you killed!”

Aurora waves his comment away. “You’re wrong.”

“Is love enough to heal your marriage?”

“Love can heal anything, when two people are willing to work, and we both are.”

“Are you really willing to work when you are hardly speaking?”

Her father snorts. “Hardly speaking is still too much after what’s he’s put you through.”

“I never lose, and I won’t lose him. I love him, and once I can get my head around what’s happened, we can make things better.”

“Is Ronda out of the picture?”

Aurora pops a preemptory scone into her father’s mouth. “Yes. I’ve filed a restraining order against her, and Mark is looking to see if he can have it extend to include him as well. He’s also trying to have her limited visitation with Timmy discontinued.”

“Do you want Timmy to lose his mother?”

“Of course not,” she sighs, closing her eyes and pinching the bridge of her nose, “but I love that little boy too. I don’t want him hurt by someone who’s first decision after getting out of prison was to assault me.”

“You really don’t believe Mark had anything to do with that?”

Her father’s eyebrows rise.

“No.” She shakes her head. “Call me insane,” she holds up a quieting hand to her father, “but I don’t.”

I eye her shoulder. “Final question, did you shoot yourself?”

“I did,” she lets out a slow breath, “but in my defense, Ronda squeezed the trigger before I could turn the gun.”


Thank you all so much for reading, and a HUGE thank you to those who asked questions. Without you, these interviews wouldn’t happen. Want to know more about this character? Check out Aurora’s board on Pinterest here.

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4 Responses to Ten Questions for a fictional Character: Aurora Blackright of Fighting

  1. Thanks for clearing that up. Can’t wait for the next one.


  2. Great interview. The preemptory scone was a nice touch. 🙂


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