Ten Questions for a Fictional Character: Penny of Dreaming

Photo by DogertonSkillhause at morguefile.com

Photo by DogertonSkillhause at morguefile.com

***Spoiler allert!*** This post contains information about my story Dreaming. If you haven’t read this story, click here before reading on.

I take a seat across from Penny where she is curled up on the couch. “How are you feeling?”

“A little tired.” She smiles, a slight pink tinge lingering in her cheeks and neck. She wince’s as she moves.

“Have you figured out what’s causing your issues?”

Her gaze darts toward the kitchen where her mom can be heard humming. “We have ideas, but nothing concrete. This fact is annoying me since I had to get jabbed by needles several times. I hate needles.”

“Why do you hate needles?”

“When I was little, my mom tried to teach me how to use a sewing machine. She turned her back for a second and I accidentally made my thumb a part of the dress.”
I close my eyes, thinking of the scene.

“Did the blood tests at least revel something useful?”

She nods. “The doctor said my white blood cell count was high.”

“Did the doctor give you any explanation of what that might mean?”

She shrugs. “There are a lot of possibilities. Cancer is the only one that I can think of, but that’s why I don’t have a medical degree.” Penny laughs. “You know what a writer’s mind does, though. I always go for the craziest option. If I were a character in my book, I’d be riddled with cancer.”

“Would you survive, if you were a character in one of your books?”

Her eyes sparkle. “Since it’s me, I’m partial and I’d have to say I’d write a happy ending. If we were talking about another character, though, they’d probably be done for.”


“Because I would hope any readers that have lost a loved one to cancer, or any other disease, would realize their lives aren’t over, and their loved one wouldn’t have wanted them to give up.”

“Speaking of your writing, did you ever make it to a meeting with a literary agent?”

“I did.” Her smile widens. “He liked the sample chapters I gave him. I hand delivered the complete manuscript yesterday, so I’m hoping to hear something in the next few months.”

“For argument’s sake, what happens if this is a serious situation with your health?”

Again she looks toward the kitchen. “Then,” she takes a deep breath, “I do whatever needs to be done to stay alive, and I keep working on my books.” She rubs a hand on her thigh.

“Final question, would you put your writing aside if your health demanded it?”

Without hesitation, she shakes her head. “Writing helps to keep me sane. I have too many story characters in my mind. If I have to fight for my health, I’ll need sleep. In order to sleep I need to get the stories out of my head so all those characters shut up!”

Thank you so much for reading! As you know, the story this interview follows was inspired by some health issues I was/am facing. I can assure you, I’m fine. This cancer option was simply a twist I decided to throw at my character Penny. In the future I might do another story with her. I hope you’ve enjoyed this interview. Thank you for spending a little time in my imagination. 

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