Ten Questions for a Fictional Character: Quinn of Home

Photo by DarrenHester at morguefile.com

Photo by DarrenHester at morguefile.com

***Spoiler Alert!!!*** This post contains information about my story Home. If you haven’t read this story yet, please click here before reading on.

Quinn wrings her hands, her eyes rimmed in red as I take a seat across from her.

“How long has it been since you expected Albert home?”

Her hand wanders to her stomach. “Three weeks.”

“One reader asked, ‘What happened?’”

Quinn shrugs her shoulders, fresh tears forming.

“Have you heard anything from him?”

“No.” With a shaking hand she wipes her eyes. “And it’s not just Albert that didn’t come home.”

“What do you mean?”

Her lips tremble as she clinches and relaxes her fists. “No one knows what happened to any of them.”

I pull back as she picks up a mug from the table and tenses.

“The flight landed and the record shows he and his buddies were on it, but no one can find them. Four more of the men from his squad are missing too and I can’t find out anything!”

“Do you believe anyone knows where they are?”

“No.” She shakes her head. “And that scares me more than being lied to.”

“How would it be possible for no one to know?”

“All official records show Albert and the other men making it back to the states. As far as they’re concerned they’re not their problem anymore.”

“Are you saying they don’t care?”

She laughs. “Some don’t, and that’s the truth. War is like poker to them, a game where they can try and make some money. But others, like Alfred’s commanding officer and the men that made it home from his squad care. I don’t know if that’s enough, but I’m praying it is.”

“Do they have any information?”

She takes a steadying breath, her whole body beginning to tremble. “His commanding officer gave me this story. Alfred and the other missing men were the last of his squadron to ship out. One of his buddies contracted a disease he didn’t want his wife finding out about, if you know what I mean, and Alfred and the others stuck back with him until he was better. Their C.O. kept in contact with them up until a day of their return flight. After that, no one knows what happened.”

“Is it possible the men are in the states, but don’t want to be found?”

Her eyes flash. “Absolutely not.” She shakes her head. “They’re not in the states.”

“How do you know?”

She covers her face as she leans forward, taking a deep breath. “He’s not a traitor, none of them are. Why would they hide? What’s more is his voice on that message. He was scared. I’ve listened to it hundreds of times. There is no way he made it to home soil. And if you want to think I’m crazy, then go ahead.”

Thank you so much for reading, and a HUGE thank you to those that asked a question. Check back next week for Albert’s side of the story.

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10 Responses to Ten Questions for a Fictional Character: Quinn of Home

  1. Awesome work, you’ve definitely got me buzzing with curiosity on what this story is all about now >.>


  2. Will there be another continuation of this?


  3. I have a love/hate relationship with “suspense”. Nice work!


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