Ten Questions for a Fictional Character: Selena of The Trunk

Photo by jppi at morguefile.com

Photo by jppi at morguefile.com

***SPOILER ALERT!!!*** This post contains information about my story The Trunk. If you haven’t read this story, click here.

Selena stands outside the police impound lot. She smiles weakly and nods to a coffee stand across the street. “Let’s get this over with.” She coughs. “No offense.”

Hot cups in hand, we take a seat on a bench in sight of the lot.

“I appreciate your speaking with me. Do you have any idea how you ended up in the trunk of your own car?”

Her eyes water. “I was drugged.” She looks away, her hands shaking. “The doctors couldn’t find anything in my system, but I know I was.”

“Why are you so certain?”

“Why else would I not remember anything that happened that morning? I was drugged!”

Writing down her answer, I give her a moment to calm down. “Do the police have any leads on who might have done this to you?”

“Not that they’re sharing.” She frowns, her mouth tightening. “But, I think I might know who it was.”


She looks at her coffee cup. “I don’t want to accuse an innocent person, especially not with what’s at stake.”

“Okay, you can’t say something like that to a writer and not produce the rest of the story.”

“Can you promise me it won’t be in print?”

“No, but I can promise it won’t be in print unless this person is proven guilty.”

After a moment, she sits back down. “I think it might be, Polly, the sister of a girl Jeremy used to be friends with.”

“Why do you suspect her?”

“She’s a computer genius, whose father is an anesthesiologist.”

“Why would she want to scare you like that?”

“She didn’t want to scare me, she wanted to kill me.”

I stop writing.

“The police aren’t telling me much, but I’m not an idiot. The car was on auto-pilot to the middle of the Nevada dessert. No one was supposed to find me, and I wasn’t supposed to get out of that trunk. The only reason I didn’t die is because she didn’t override Bell’s voice-commands.”

“Is it possible she didn’t want to kill you?”

“No. The police told me the car’s on-board computer showed the hacker had tried and failed to get into the voice-command portion of the system.”

“Why would she want you dead?”

Selena looks at her feet. “She blames Jeremy, and me, for her twin sister’s death.”

“What happened?”

“Polly’s sister, Molly, was Jeremy’s best friend. She followed Jeremy around like a cat in heat, but he was too left-brained to see what was going on. Jeremy and I started dating and she began stalking me. She accused me of stealing him. She kept saying he was the father of her daughter, but that was a complete lie. Jeremy confronted her and they got into a huge fight. He said he didn’t want her in his life anymore. She wasn’t a drinker, but decided Jeremy was a good reason to get drunk. She was killed in an accident on her way home.”

“When I print this, we will know for certain that Polly was the one behind what happened. Final question. Is there anything you’d like to say to her?”

“I want to know if this was worth her losing custody over Molly’s daughter. That little girl has no one now.”

Thank you all so much for reading! I truly hope you’ve enjoyed this character interview. Check back next week for another fun story!

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2 Responses to Ten Questions for a Fictional Character: Selena of The Trunk

  1. seraph4377 says:

    Have you ever considered taking some of your short stories and expanding them? Some, like Children, are best at their current short and punchy size, but this one could easily be expanded into a suspense novel.


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