Ten Questions for a Fictional Character: Miranda, of What Would you Do?

Photo by Prawny at morguefile.com

Photo by Prawny at morguefile.com

***Spoiler Alert!!!*** This post contains information about my story What Would You Do? If you haven’t read this story yet, please click here before reading on.

“Sorry for the mess,” Miranda says, clearing her sofa of half packed boxes. “Tell me again, why you want to interview me?”

“There are few things people can relate to better than the proverbial one that almost got away. Your story means something.”

She glances down, a slight smile curling her lips.

“Did Tilly really not know you two knew each other?”

“Tilly is the worst actress known to man. It would be impossible for her to keep a secret like that.”

“Have you and he talked anymore since your blind date?”

She nods her head yes. “And we’re meeting later today for coffee.”

“Who initiated that?”

Her nose crinkles. “In a way, we both did. He called me as I was about to call him. After a rather awkward hello, we both blurted out an invitation to coffee.” As she finishes speaking someone knocks on her door. After a moment she returns, her online love trailing behind her.

He tilts his head to me. “Hello, I’m Arron.”

Arron squeezes in beside Miranda, tentatively taking her hand. Her cheeks redden, her eyes twinkling.

“I have to admit I’m wondering, just what was it that tore you two apart?”

“Clearly,” she says, shifting her position, “we both have our own ideas about that, but at least,” she looks at Aron, “you know now that my pulling away wasn’t to hurt you.”

“Why exactly did you pull away from him?”

Her hands travel nervously down her legs, the gears in her mind visibly turning behind her eyes.

“When you’re in a relationship,” Aron says, “you’re responsible not only for how you treat the other person, but also for showing them how to treat you.”

“I don’t really—”

“It’s okay, the past is what it is, and maybe if we’re honest it can help someone else.”

Miranda slowly nods. “I’ve always been self-conscious about my looks.”

“Which is nuts because you’re gorgeous.”

She coughs. “I was a big girl growing up, but then I made some changes for health reasons, and brought my weight down. I’ve still never liked what I see in the mirror, though.”

“I wanted to help her change anything that she wanted to change, even though I thought she was already beautiful.”

“But some of his “help” came across as telling me I was ugly.”

Aron’s face whitens a shade.

“Had you not heard that before, Aron?”

“Not exactly.” He squeezes her hand when she turns to him. “It’s okay. I want you to be completely blunt. Your being afraid to speak was part of our problem.”

“Had you meant to tell her she was ugly?”


Miranda animatedly waves her hands. “I know now that he didn’t, but every time we talked it seemed like eating habits, or exercise programs would come up and I shut down.”

“Some people reading this might still think you’re in the wrong, Aron, and that Miranda should stay away from you. What would you say to them?”

“I was in the wrong, I just didn’t know it.”

“He had the best intentions,” Miranda says.

Aron smiles. “But I was an idiot in trying to express them. Every time she would be honest about how she felt concerning her looks, I hated how sad she was. I just wanted to help. Every spare second I had, I spent researching diet and exercise programs we could do together. I was getting excited for her to try them and maybe start seeing herself the way I saw her. The more she pulled away, the harder I tried because I could see her falling down this well and it killed me.”

“Do either of you wish you could go back and speak up for what was really going on?”

He nods “yes,” as she shakes her head “no.”

“Why not?” He says.

“Why would you?”

“Because I hated being apart.”

She grins, brushing a leaf from his shoulder. “So did I, but I learned that I have to speak my mind, even when it scares me. I wouldn’t trade that for the world.”

“We both learned things, and you’re right. What we’ve learned will make us unbreakable.”

“Final question, what do you two want to see going forward?”

For a moment they gaze at one another saying nothing. Picking up her left hand, Aron points to her ring finger with a grin. “I’d like to see some expensive hardware here, but not any time too soon.”

“We’ll see what the future holds.” Miranda laughs.

Thank you so much for reading! I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed this character interview. Check back next week for another new story.

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