Ruling Reader Contests! You could be featured as a Ruling Reader!

DiamondHi, everyone. As you  know, my readers mean everything to me. This blog would be nothing without each of you. As a thank you, I’m starting the Ruling Reader program here on my blog.

“Just what is the Ruling Reader program,” you say?

Thank you for asking.

The Ruling Reader program is a biweekly contest where an eligible reader is chosen at random to not only pick the next story they want to see me do, but to have have a personal shout out in blog post form, and bragging rights of Ruling Reader for two weeks!      

“How do I become an eligible reader,” you say?

To be eligible for the Ruling Reader Program you need 3 things:

  1.  You must be a follower of this blog, either on WordPress, or via email. (Note, the email follow option is at the top of the widget area to the right.)
  2. Leave a comment on my most recent story (With first name or nickname and last initial only. I need to know who to shout out to, but remember, always be careful about your online privacy). This comment can be a question, if you’d like it to be featured in the next character interview, or it can just be what you thought of the story, or a simple hello.
  3. You must follow me on Twitter. @JustinaLuther
  4. (Optional) Share my latest story on Facebook or Twitter

I know a writer is useless without her readers, so I thank each and every one of you. Thank you for spending a little time in my imagination. Contest winners will be announced on Saturday’s. I look forward to crowning our first “Ruling Reader” this weekend! 


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