7/7/7 Challenge.


Hi everyone, today I have a very simple and fun post for you. I was challenged by a good friend of mine, Donna L. H. Smith (click here for her blog), to participate in the 7/7/7 Writing Challenge. Thank you, Donna, for including me!

I hope you all enjoy this little post.

So, here are the rules (they’re really quite simple):

·        Go to page 7 of your work-in-progress.

·        Scroll down to line #7.

·        Share the next 7 lines of your manuscript in a blog post.

·        Tag 7 other writers (with blogs) to continue the challenge.

 Here goes!

Work-in-progress genre: Suspense 

Work-in-progress title: Would You Have Believed Me?

His words slither down her spine, making her flesh pucker in waves.   “Excuse me?” She purses her lips.

“I want to get to know you better. The boy would have been a distraction.” He tilts his head and reaches for his glass. “What secrets are those pretty gray eyes of yours hiding?”

“I’m surprised Mom went through with the wedding. You’re not what she usually goes for.”

“How so?” He smooths his auburn mustache.

“Mom has never dated someone she wasn’t good friends with first.”

Slowly, he nods, his amber gaze studying her as he swirls his brandy.

Here are the writers I nominate! (I have to be honest, I’m not certain all of the below mentioned authors have blogs, but I know they’re all really talented. If they have blogs, I’ll add the links soon, if not I’ll try to persuade them to allow me to post their 7/7/7 reply here.)

Jen Sloniger

Charlotte Cole

Martha Hammonds

Meagan Briggs

Sandra Aldrich

E. L. Wicker

Ashli Ferguson

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2 Responses to 7/7/7 Challenge.

  1. If that’s not a great teaser for your novel when it comes out and makes people want to read it, I don’t know what would be. Thanks for taking up the challenge, Justina. 🙂


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