2nd Anniversary!!!/Tag! You’re it!


2nd Anniversary!!!!!!!

Howdy, all! I can’t believe it’s been two years since I started my little blog, but it has. It’s taken a lot of work along the way, but it’s been so much fun being able to share my work with all of you and I feel truly blessed to have this opportunity. I never would have guessed when I started that I’d have over eleven-hundred followers and counting, and every day I’m overwhelmed by your support, so a big thank you to everyone who visits my imagination!



As stated in the title I have another fun little post for you all this week, before getting back to my regular routine.  I was invited to participate by my good friend Donna, and I hope you enjoy it, and maybe learn a little more about me. Also, if there are any questions you’d like to ask (withing reason, nothing too personal, please haha) I’d be happy to answer them.


Let the TAG! YOU’RE It! post commence.



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The Rules:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link to their blog and Twitter in your post.

2. Answer the questions that the blogger who nominated you has provided.

3. Nominate up to 10 other bloggers or Twitter followers

4. Create ten questions for your nominees and notify them of their nomination.

So, thank you, Donna L. H. Smith for your tag follow her on Twitter @donnalhsmith.

Donna’s Questions:

1.  Who are your top three favorite authors?

This is a tough question, mostly because I’m terrible with names. Excuse me for a moment while I run and raid my library so I can A: Remember the names. & B: Spell them correctly. *runs off*

*Walks back with arms loaded with books*

  1. Janette Oke
  2. Diana Gabaldon
  3. Suzanne Collins

While I admit I haven’t yet read everything these three talented authors have written, I greatly admire their eye for drama and their flare for different details.

2.  Are you a plotter, pantser or something in between?

I suppose I’d be classified as somewhere in between on my novel, but for short stories I’m almost a complete pantser. I always start with the most dramatic scene and work my way to it.

With novels, since they are so much longer, I’ll have a series of scenes and ideas stored up in mind and drop them in as I find where they fit, I don’t get too rigid about it. I do love to research certain aspects of my stories, though.

3.  Where do you do most of your writing?  At a cafe, a room in your house, etc.?

I do most of my writing in my bedroom at an antique writing desk, but at the moment I’m sitting in the living room. I can write anywhere, but I tend to like to write at home where there aren’t so many new things to do and see. I’m typical ADD when it comes to being distracted, and sometimes I–Awwwwww! Kitty. Here kitty, kitty. What a pretty girl.

–Where was I? Oh, yeah, I’m easily distracted.

4.  What’s the biggest writing challenge you are currently facing?

Discipline/motivation/confidence to do it. Please don’t misunderstand, I do adore writing and am writing all the time, even when I’m not typing. My mind is always going, but getting myself to glue my rear to computer chair for a few hours is the hard part. I set down to work on my novel and suddenly I’m a puppy surrounded squirrels. I also feel like I’ll never get there. Now, does this mean my heart doesn’t have faith I’ll get there? No. I know this is a part of the plan for my life, but that doesn’t mean my brain plays along. I have the typical “ick” syndrome of a writer who is overly critical of their own self and work.

5.  Do you listen to music while you write?  If so, what kind?

Sometimes, yes, sometimes, no. It depends on how busy my mind is. If my brain is buzzing, I want things quiet, usually, so I can try to pull my head into the clouds and out of the muck. If I’m really into the zone and working like crazy, then I want music. Usually I just want something to fit the mood of what I’m working on and it can change from scene to scene.

6.  Coffee, tea or hot chocolate?

Tea, please, unless I’m craving chocolate. I love the antioxidants and health benefits that tea (or hot cocoa made with real cocoa) offers.

7.  If you could ask any writer, past or present, one question, who would the writer be and what would you ask?

Oh goodness, that’s a tough one. Honestly? I have two answers to this question.

  1. I would talk to the editor (who is also a writer) I had problems with (but I’m still not saying their name) and ask why things happened the way they did. I know it doesn’t affect where I’m going with my career, but I can’t help wondering.
  2. I would ask Tim Burton if we could have lunch sometime. I’d love to pick his brain. He seems so creative, I know it would be amazing.

8.  How do you get past being stuck in your writing?

This is something I’m still trying to learn how to do. usually when I get “stuck” it’s because I’m too up in my head. Sometimes just forcing myself to write for a period of time can get me past it,but not always. When I find a good solution, I’ll let you know.

9.  What do you do to relax?

Read a book, watch a show I like or a movie, cook, listen to music, talk to friends or family, play with my cat or dog, watch my turtle or fish, sleep.

10. What is your favorite movie that’s based on a book?

The Hunger Games. The whole series. I just really thought it was well done. And it’s clean. Can’t beat that.

11. Readers choice, what would you like to ask me?


I now tag: (and you can answer these questions, if you’d like, and add anything)

E. L. Wicker

Ashli Ferguson

Charles Yallowitz

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  1. donnalhsmith says:

    Nice Justina! 🙂


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