The Dream Continues: Part 2


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***For Part 1, Click here!***

“Nothing. I just have other interests at the moment.”  I turn my back to her and go to the sink, my stomach knotting.

She taps her foot. “Are these other interests making you any money?”

“My bills are paid.” Picking up the strainer I spray a bunch of kale with veggie wash, the fine mist tickling my wrist. Why does she have to push this? I’m an adult!

“With your savings. Sweetheart, you put that money away so you could focus on writing. Twiddling around in your kitchen has nothing to do with that.”

“Everything I do can go toward my—”

“Bull pucks. What are you hiding from?”

She grips my shoulder firmly and I try to shrug her off, but it doesn’t work.

“You have talent, Penny. Why are you letting that slip away?”

I slam the strainer down, surprising myself. “I’m not letting anything slip! I can’t do it, okay? I’ve got nothing! I set down to write, and nothing happens. I have ideas swimming through my mind all day until I sit down, and then all that flows out of my fingers is crap.” I jerk away from her. “At least here,” I wave my arm around the space, “I can do something good.”

“Baby, you do wonderful things every time you write—”

“That’s not true!”

“Yes it—”

I gulp down the emotions begging to spill from my eyes. “Do you have any idea what the last editor I talked to said?”

She blinks at me, her mind visibly groping behind her blue gaze. “No,” she finally whispers.

To be continued…


Author’s note: Hey, everyone. Sorry this post is so short again, I ran into some technical difficulties with my computer last night when I sat down to write this and didn’t have enough time to do something longer. I sincerely hope this bit was enjoyable, though, and I appreciate your spending a little time in my imagination. Check back next week for the next (hopefully longer) installment.

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