My Last Thanksgiving: Part 1


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***Attention!!!*** This story is a prequel to my story Smile. If you haven’t read this story yet, click here for part 1, here for part 2, and here for the character interview.


Mommy didn’t know what would happen. Daddy didn’t either. I wanted him to play dollies with me, but he was too busy, so was she…

8:47, the night before Thanksgiving.

“Amanda Ray!” Mommy yells my name. “Why is there a cookie missing from the batch?”

I lay down on my tummy, scooting back under the kitchen table and lick the chocolate off my fingers.

She comes into the kitchen but doesn’t see me because I’m a good hider.

“Amanda! I said those were for the party tomorrow.”

She opens the oven to pull out pumpkin goodies and my tummy says they smell yummy. It must be talking too loud because she turns and looks right at me. I hold my breath. It’s like that dino move Daddy let me watch, if I don’t move, she won’t see me.

“ACHOO!” She sneezes into her sleeve. And she tells me not to wipe my nose on mine! Not fair.  

“Last chance, sister girl. Either you tell me where the cookie went, or I’m calling Santa and the bad things you do this time of the year he doesn’t forget.”

I jump up under the table and hit my head.

“Amanda!” Mommy drops the tray.

I come out from my hiding spot and try to make my lip stop wiggling, but I can’t help it. I can’t be a big girl all the time.

“Oh, baby. Show me where it hurts.”

I touch the lumpy spot on the top of my hair.

Mommy hugs me and kisses the spot. “Better?”

“Yep!” I sniff and smile, poking my tongue through the hole where my tooth used to live.

I try to go play, but she hugs me tighter.

“Where’s the cookie, sticky fingers?”

“I don’t have it!” I giggle.

She tickles me and my legs go all wobbly.

“Tell me what happened to it.”

“I don’t know!”

“And you say I’m the one who riles her up before bed.” Daddy drops his briefs case by the door and goes to his knees, opening his arms big just for me.

I squirm away from Mommy and run to him, hugging him as tight as I can. He’s been gone for forever and ever.

“How was your day, honey?”

He lifts me up when he stands and kisses her cheek. “Long. Meetings about the Swarez case all day. He needs to stay behind bars where he belongs.”

I shake his neck. “Who’s Swarz  and is he behind candy bars?  If I’m a good girl, can I be behind chocolate bars?”

Mommy looks at Daddy, but she doesn’t look happy. Is she still mad about the cookie?

He smiles. “Only if you get to bed and go to sleep. I’m telling Santa every good thing you do so he’ll bring you lots of toys.”

“Good, because Mommy is telling him all the bad stuff.”

She turns away really fast and goes back to the pumpkin goodies. Her shoulders are shaking. Did I make her cry? I try to wiggle out of Daddy’s arms, but he’s taking me to bed but they’re too tight. “Daddy wait—“

“Nope! You’ve had stories, water, teeth brushed and bathroom by now. Time for sleep.” He takes me to my room.

Laying me down, he hands me Mr. Jingle, my teddy bear. “I’m sorry, Daddy, I stole the cookie. Mommy told Santa the truth. She didn’t fib, I did.” My lip wobbles again.

He kisses my nose. “You’re a good, and honest, little girl.”

“Can I tell Mommy I’m sorry?”

He laughs and shakes his head. “Tomorrow. Until then, sweet dreams, happy thoughts, and you’ll be a bright girl in the morning.”

To be continued…

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