Asking for Help


Hi, everyone.

Your usual post is on the way, but I need a little help. For a while I’ve found myself rundown, brain blocked, lacking words, without enthusiasm, and so on. (As I’ve probably mentioned too many times.) And any other writers or creative people in general know, this makes it very difficult to create art. Each word is like yanking a tooth! Recently I started another project to see if I could restart my brain and it’s working in spurts and spasms, but not smoothly yet.  And not efficiently enough to un-dredge this week’s post from the mud that is my imagination at the moment. I know creating never “easy” so to speak, but I haven’t ever had this much difficulty either. I’m telling y’all, this muck has to be about six feet deep and I’m not that tall. So, my question to anyone who might have an idea is this, how do you get past a creative block? How do you regain the passion for your art once more? How do you find your muse? In my mind, I can see the images for my stories as clearly as if a movie was playing before my very eyes, but when it comes to writing I literally feel like I have cotton for brains… or maybe cement. Seriously, I can actually feel pressure in my head when I’m trying to write and it’s the oddest thing! I love writing and being an author is my dream and what I want to do with my life. I am not giving up, nor do I want to, but I know when I need to ask for hep. So, please, HELP!

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12 Responses to Asking for Help

  1. Watch old movies you love with a large box of popcorn..

    Jerry Guarino is the author of six collections of short fiction and one novel (The Da Vinci Diamond); his stories have been published by literary magazines in the U.S., Canada, Australia and Great Britain. He has completed four screenplays, The Da Vinci Diamond, The Tightrope, The Sonoma Murder Mystery and Who Stole Asbury Park? More information on his website:



  2. fogwood214 says:

    I once had a couple character who were stuck in an airport for 8 months because I couldn’t figure out how to write them out! They were not very pleased with me. 😛

    A couple thoughts based on personal experience and by reading too many writing blogs: If you’re getting stuck in details, back out to the larger picture. Draft out generalities about your story, worry about details later. If you’re stuck on the larger picture, pick one aspect (a character’s skill set, one location, etc.), and flesh it out. Work out little details here and there, come back to the big picture later.

    If you simply find writing wearisome, then give it a rest and read. I had to take a break myself, and I went through The Hobbit, some Louis L’Amour, and a couple others I’d been meaning “to read someday.” After two months of reading only, I was itching to get back to writing.

    Lastly, I found this article helpful:

    If you don’t already follow Jeff Goins, I highly recommend his blog. His positive, encouraging attitude has kept me writing even when I wanted to quit.

    Hope some of this helps!


  3. It has happened to me a few times, being a photographer it’s not always easy to put thoughts in words. Now I dig deep into my emotions and feelings, and since I’m going trough a hard episode of depression and anxiety, hopefully go


  4. I touched somewhere on the iPad and didn’t finish! ☺️ Now, I think I’m going better, thanks so much!! I was trying to say that now that confusion is not so overwhelming I have lots of things I want to write about this journey I’m on, and share with the world, for self nourishment and to raise awareness.


  5. Olga says:

    Take a break. Stop writing and flood yourself with other things that you have a passion for. Walk, enjoy nature…maybe something else is being ignored and it’s demanding you attention. That’s my advice to you. Take care. ❤


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