Your MIA Writer

Hi, everyone! 

This post was supposed to have happened a week or so ago… I’m not quite sure what happened. 

As you all know I’ve been having a problem getting my imaginary friends to talk to me and I had (when this post was supposed to have happened) recently asked for ideas to get into their good graces again. One of the ideas was to walk away from writing altogether for a bit and read read read, or do some other creative thing. So, this is what I’ve been doing, however I didn’t mean to leave y’all out of the loop! 

This does NOT mean I’m shutting down my blog in any way, shape, or form, just that I won’t be posting often, and most of posts will probably be behind the curtains rather than story ideas. 

For anyone who doesn’t want to stick with me, I understand and I thank you for the time you’ve spent in my imagination. For those of you still with me when my friends decide to start talking again, though, I look forward to the stories we have yet to share. 

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2 Responses to Your MIA Writer

  1. fogwood214 says:

    I wish you well in your break! If you find you still want to blog occasionally, I’d love to hear about the other creative pursuits you’re taking on, or what you’re reading, etc.


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