eBook Give Away and Other Exciting News!!!

Hey, y’all!

I’m baaaaaaack! As the title indicates, I come bearing a gift for one lucky reader, along with a lot of exciting news for everyone! The last time I posted, in addition to it being far too long ago, I was in a complete holding pattern with my writing. Sadly, that included this blog. But here I am, dusting it off while praying at least some of you are still here, to announce I HAVE BEEN PUBLISHED!!! More on that plus even more exciting news in moment.

You all know the backstory with what happened with the first editor I worked with on my novel and what a funk that put me in (if you do not know this, check out this post ). I went on a journey to find the right publisher and ended up with God taking me on a writing adventure I never expected.

A few months ago, I was scrolling through FB when I came across a post from the talented Bella Emy  about an open call looking for writers for an anthology titled For Melissa. I had never done an anthology before, but the cause behind this one tugged at my heart. All proceeds from this book are going to help fellow Indie author Melissa Lee, aka J.B. Joseph, who is currently battling for her life after a cancer diagnosis. So, I got involved and as of September 27 of this year, I am a published author with my story Choices Made appearing in For Melissa! This book has twenty of today’s coolest Indie authors. I can’t begin to say how blessed I am to be among them, or to have been included in this project. All of the stories focus on strong women facing their own challenges, with genres covering fantasy, horror, romance, contemporary, and more. At the end of this post there will be information on how one lucky reader can win an eBook copy of For Melissa, courtesy of the talented Aim Ruivivar who’s story Club Hooligans is also featured in the book, along with links to where the book can be bought in eBook or paperback forms.

Before I get to that, though, I have one more MASSIVE announcement to make. Along the this fantastic journey I’ve been telling you about, I made another writing friend named  Kristen Collins. And this sweet and awesome girl and I got to talking. As we swapped writing histories (the good and not-so-awesome) and I told her about the self-publishing company I loved, but could not afford, she put me on the track of the one, the only, Crazy Ink. And ladies and gentleman, I felt in my heart I should submit and so I followed that still, small, voice. On October 5’th, 2018, I was notified that my novel had been accepted. I went from being told no publisher would ever want me, to having the first publisher I submitted my novel to saying they wanted my work. I now have a contract for as many books in the series as I’d like to do, a release date that I will share when I have a bit more information, a first peek at a cover that is more beautiful than I could have imagined, and a publisher I believe I will be able to call home. God is good.

Contest entry information: There will only be one winner. To be eligible to win a free eBook copy of For Melissa you must do the following.

  1. Follow my blog either through email or WordPress.
  2. Share this post by either reblogging, Tweeting (make sure to tag me @JustinaLuther), or sharing on Fb (again tagging me @AuthorJustinaLuther)

The contest will be open until Sunday October 22, 2018. Winner will be announced the following Monday.  *CONTEST END DATE HAD BEEN PUSHED BACK TO NEXT MONDAY.* WordPress is not responsible for this contest. Find For Melissa on Amazon, or on Wild Dream’s Publishing swag site. 


Signing the publishing contract for my novel! 13 years in the making. God is great!

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10 Responses to eBook Give Away and Other Exciting News!!!

  1. Congratulations on being published twice! Brilliant news 🙂

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  3. fogwood214 says:

    Hey! Good to see you! Also wow, what incredible developments, congratulations!

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