New Look, New Era. Plus,Giveaway Winner.

Hi, everyone!

You may have noticed last Saturday that I uploaded a new blog header. In that image these covers appeared and I’m thrilled to announce they are the covers for the anthologies I’m taking part in with Crazy Ink! The first one my work will be appearing in is Beyond the Rose which will be dropping December of 2019. I’m already knee deep into my story for this anthology and will give y’all more details closer to the publication dates of each book. One thing I will say now is that there are a variety of writing styles in each book. While I cannot promise that all stories will be “clean” (aka my goody two shoes style, no cussing and nothing overly graphic) I can promise you my work always will be and I hope you’ll check out the books.

While all my new projects do mean I’m no longer going to be able to post the short stories I once did, I have no intentions of leaving y’all behind. I’ll be bringing you along as my ride on Crazy Ink’s crazy train gets under way. Including character interviews with all my main characters, cover reveals, and everything else along the way.

All of you have stuck with me since I started this blog all those years ago and it truly means the world to me. Crazy Ink may have given me the break I was looking for, but the readers of this blog are the ones who helped me get started by liking, following, and interacting here with me and my work. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Now, without further ado, the winner of the e-book copy of For Melissa an Anthology is..







SarainLaLaLand!!  Sara, if you would be so kind as to PM your email address to my author page here, I will make sure Aim (my partner on this contest) gets your eBook to you. Thank you so much for participating!


As always, thank you all for spending a little of your time in my imagination!


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2 Responses to New Look, New Era. Plus,Giveaway Winner.

  1. fogwood214 says:

    I appreciate not only your clean writing, but your craft as well. You don’t sacrifice character development for anything, and that makes your short stories deeper than a lot of the novels I’ve tried to read recently. *thumbs up* I’ll miss the ss, but yay to the new projects!

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    • Thank you so very much, I truly appreciate it. Who knows? Perhaps one day, when I don’t have quite so much on my plate, I can do a few more. For now, though, my short stories will be in the anthologies I take part in. I hope you’ll check them out. Thank you so much for your past, present, and continued support. It truly means the world to me.


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