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Serienia Tides was meant to be her people's strength. But when the king's

Hey, everyone! I’m back again with another excerpt. Right now I have roughly 17 project in the works so expect a lot of little scenes. haha And as always, the genres will cover the spectrum. What I’m about to share is from my story Hidden Tides which is a part of the fantasy anthology shown above, Beyond Atlantis. It just published earlier this month! Writing this story was an absolute blast and eBook has 10 stories for $.99! Lol Yes, that is a blatant commercial…subtly is not an art I’ve learned yet. Perhaps one day I will, or maybe not. I guess we’ll all see. Below is a scene from Chapter 2 of my story.

Hidden Tides~

Chapter 2


???, ???, ???


Seth Ericson


I’m semi aware of my cheek pressed to something damp and hard as I awake and suck in a deep breath of cold, moist, air. If it weren’t for some dim lights along the wall—Is that a wall?—I’d think my eyes were still shut. What happened—the woman! Did she drug me or something? Where am I? I listen, but the only thing I hear is the vague roar of a distant ocean like when I hold a seashell to my ear. I push myself up into a sitting position and wonder if my head is about to crack open.

“Be still. You will torture yourself if you move before the second dose of alokin has a chance to take effect,” a distant voice says from the darkness.

I freeze. The slight lilt to the words…The woman! “Who are you and what do you want?” Even the sound of my voice seems a million miles away. I squint trying to make out any shapes in the darkness.

“Our desires are not your concern. Your father—”

“He won’t give into you. Who do you work for? The Russians? Ukrainians?”

Her laugh echoes off the walls, joyless, and sends another sonic boom of pain through my skull. “If you must know, you are in a guest room of the royal castle in the kingdom of Pacifica. His majesty has no desire to harm you, you are a tool useful merely when you are alive. I am here to ensure your safety.”

Where the crap is Pacifica and what is alokin? Okay, first rule of negotiation, keep her talking. “What’s your name?” The seconds tick by in the stillness and my eyes seem to be adjusting to the darkness. The throbbing between my ears dulls as a movement in the darkness catches my attention.

“Sirenia.” Her voice is still muffled.

I stick a finger in my ear and wiggle it. “Why is my hearing screwed-up?”

“The pressure difference. The alokin will aid your system’s adjustment.”

I manage to make it onto my knees and stagger to my feet. My gut churns. “What is alo—kin?”

She sighs. “It is the root of a squat species of kelp known as shloken. You would not know it in your world. The root is bitter, but it strengthens the bones and will keep the pressure of our world from crushing you.”

Her world? Holy crow this woman is delusional. I edge to the side until I bump into a smooth, cold wall. “Where is your world?” A bolt of energy zips through the air before fizzling out and my knees buckle as I brace myself against the wall. I didn’t imagine that…

“We are a smaller kingdom located on the sea bed of the Pacific Ocean, 36,070 of your human feet below sea level.” The edge to her voice is unmistakable.

Swallowing, I try to keep my tone level. “Can we turn some light on so we can see each other? I’d love to know more about—” My mind freezes as another spark appears and grows traveling the perimeter of something until the whole begins to glow. Is that a giant eel? It’s bigger than a full-grown anaconda! My gaze travels from the tip of the tail over smooth brown skin and delicate undulating fins up to—What? The shape changes rounding and pinching like the waist of a woman then to—Are those boobs? The brown abruptly changes to a pale white. My blood runs cold. Sea green eyes peer from a delicately beautiful face atop this monster. “What are you?” I whisper.



Paperback live!:


As always, thank you for spending a little time in my imagination!



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