Behind The Curtain: What an Indie Author’s Job Really Is.


Hey, everyone! I’m back with another behind the scenes look. I know I’ve been doing a lot of these, but I’m hoping to have a lot of book scenes to be able to share soon. I’m currently editing a novella, and have four short stories to edit. I’ll be able to share a bit of all of those.

When I was still dreaming of being published, I used to think about what it might be like. I imagined writing all day with the words flowing sweet and smooth as honey. I don’t know where I thought my writer’s block and other struggles would go, but I always pictured them being gone. haha! Or book signings with people who liked my work lined up around the block. This particular fantasy I blame on the movies. Can these things happen? For sure. But they take a lot of work.

I absolutely love what I’m doing and I adore being with an Indie publisher. Crazy Ink gives me so much freedom to be who I am as an author. They don’t force me be “racier,” or to go this way or that, they let me be me because that’s who they signed on. I never thought a publisher could be like this. I even get to help design my covers if I don’t fall in love with one of their premade designs. I can’t wait for you all to see some of my beautiful book babies coming up. That being said, while the reality of being an author is not what I expected in some ways, and even better in others, one thing remains constant: as with all things in life, you get out what you put in.

I’m not sure many people realize the average author makes about $10,000 dollars a year, or that an author won’t start seeing much revenue until they have about twelve books published. (Readers who find and like your work tend to look at your back stock of published titles and buy from it.) I certainly didn’t know these things until recently. With a huge publisher you might have a team to help you market, but with small publishers, or those who self-publish, the mass of that responsibility falls on the author.

Crazy Ink does help with marketing, but we are expected to pull our own weight too. Personally, I really like this. Every word I write is important to me and I want to make sure people know that. I’m able to have writing be my full-time job right now, and marketing is my second full-time job. A lot of authors have a personal assistant to help them market, and that’s amazing, but for now it’s just me. I tend to watch my Amazon author rank and the rankings for my books like a hawk.  (The ranking tells you how well your work is selling in comparison to other books in your genre.)Every time I see it rise in the ranking I means a lot to me. It says I’m doing something right. To anyone who tells you the best seller’s list doesn’t mean anything, or ranking doesn’t matter, I’m here to say it does. Every author on there, especially those like me, work their tails off see see that number improve. I have so much respect for authors who do this while having a job out in the real world too, or those raising a family. You guys are rock stars!

If you didn’t see my surprise post the other day, you might wonder what brought this on, but if you did, I’m sure you’re not surprised. I’ve been marketing almost non-stop (posting to about 160 marketing groups a day between MeWe and Facebook, Tweeting, posting to Instagram, and to Pinterest) about the sale going on for the eBook of Would You Have Believed Me?, on Amazon right now. Some wonderful Crazy Ink friends of mine have been helping market it too. I couldn’t do it without them. I keep seeing the number for WYHBM? go up, and if I can before the sale ends, I’d love to be able to hit the best seller’s list. I don’t even care if I only make it by one spot. The whole point of writing is to touch the heart. Fear not, I have not forgotten. The idea of seeing my work pay off with the title of best seller, though, and to see those words across the cover of my work with my name–I’m not sure it’s something I can describe. I guess it would be like getting the promotion you’ve worked really hard for at any other job. Someday I’ll get there, but in the mean time, this writer has two full time jobs and she is loving every minute of it.



p.s. If you want to grab a copy of the eBook while it’s on sale, here’s the link!

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