Behind The Curtain: How to keep going when the “real world” tips the balance.

Water leaks, smoking driers, and curling floorboards, oh my! Life can be crazy sometimes, in more ways than one. So, how do you manage a heavy workload and pitching in to keep the house from falling apart?

This has been something I’ve been working with for the last couple of weeks. You may have noticed I was conspicuously absent. ha Sometimes, you have to pick and choose your battles, and a big battle for me began two weeks ago when I went into the basement and saw a wet spot in the dropped ceiling…then another…and water streaks down the drywall…and mold.

That turned into curling floorboards we’d missed in the kitchen and warped cabinets. All caused by a leaking dishwasher. And thus, began our remodel journey. So far, we’ve had an estimate and have a company lined up to do the work…side note, even with as detail oriented as I can be, I never realize the sheer volume of bits and bobs there are to pick out for a remodel.

That took a week. Then, yesterday, I was so excited to get back to work as normal and wrap up my current projects before the work on the kitchen begins. I walked into the laundry room to take care of something before setting down to work and smelled smoke, though I couldn’t see any, while the dryer ran. We immediately turned off the dryer. Then pulled off the back, found more lint than should be possible to accumulate in a hundred years, got rid of it, plugged the dryer in, and had sparks fly. So, the rest of that day was spent man handling the dryer out into the garage and ordering another.
Then, today, a manic dash upstairs and down for needed paperwork for something else for the house. It’s funny how paperwork is never where you need it to be.

So, what’s the moral of all this? It’s okay. I’m okay. My family is safe and healthy. Our home is still standing when so many in this nation are not with the storms that have come through in the states south of us. I have a ton to be grateful for, and I had to step back and realize that yesterday. It’s easy to get wrapped up in upcoming deadlines, to be frustrated when I have work to do and I’m pulled away from it every few moments, to be angry on the days I get to the end of the day with nary a word to add to my manuscript counts, but they’ll be dealt with. I will make my deadlines, and if you’re reading this in a similar crazy boat, you’ll get there too. Take it one moment at a time, tomorrow is a new day. It will have challenges too, but you’ll get through.



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4 Responses to Behind The Curtain: How to keep going when the “real world” tips the balance.

  1. setinthepast says:

    I do sympathise – I’ve currently got a huge stain on the kitchen ceiling from a leak in the bathroom, it could be a while before it dries out properly, and we’re in lockdown! Thank goodness for books to distract us 🙂 .

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