Upcoming Releases: Destiny’s Knight

Hey, guys! To prep for my upcoming release, Destiny’s Knight, I thought I’d share a little snippet from the book. You can preorder your eBook copy or purchase the paperback by clicking here.

Forest of Viribus, The next morning

The sun streaks through the dirt crusted windows to fall across Destiny’s locks. She mumbles in her sleep, and I cover my mouth to smother a laugh.

“It isn’t right. You cannot let a lamb teach me to waltz. A lamb has hooves, not feet. They will scar the floor.”

At this rate, I may have to add another tale to Mother’s b—


I leap to my feet, at her side in an instant, to find her eyes darting beneath their lids. I kneel beside her and push the hair from her face. “I’m right here.”

“Father, no. You can’t do this. He doesn’t deserve death.” A tear rolls onto her pillow. “No!” She jolts, her eyes flying open as she sits bolt upright.

Before I have a chance to register what’s happened, my head feels as if I’ve been beamed with a log. Stars cloud my vision, and I stagger backward.

“Owww.” She holds her forehead.

“You had a nightmare…I was attempting to sooth you.”

“Your nose!”

I touch the tip of it to see if it’s still there and pull away bloodied fingertips.

The color drains from her cheeks. “I’m going to be sick.” She staggers to her feet and rushes to the door, flinging it open to retch into the snow.

I bend my head forward and cup a palm beneath my nose, edging past her to grab a fist full of snow.

“What’s that for?”

My eyes water from the cold when I bury my wound in the snow. “It’ll stop the bleed.”

“Is it broken?”

“Not to my knowledge.”

“How are you this calm?”

When I turn to her once more, she heaves again, her body bent in half.

“I wouldn’t be much use to the kingdom if I fainted at the sight of blood.”

She gives a slight bob of her head and dabs at the corner of her lips with her kerchief, though none of her color has returned.

A few minutes later, I venture to pull the melting snowball from my nose. Destiny focuses away from the bright red pile of ice crystals.

“Are you certain you aren’t going to die?”

I chuckle. “Yes.” Gently, I probe my nose and let out a slow breath when I find it tender, but no longer bleeding.

Somewhere in the distance, some manner of beast growls, and I go for my dagger on reflex while she bursts out laughing.

“The rations of mine we ate are gone. I assure you; I will not harm you no matter how hungry I am.”

I raise a brow. “That was your stomach?”

“A royal belly hungers as much as any other.”

The faces of the starved children I’d seen on my trips through the kingdom parade through my thoughts. Is she unaware of what it’s like out here? “Let me stoke the fire and get to the business of finding us some breakfast.”

“Is there a market nearby?”


Thank you for spending a little time in my imagination!

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