Peek at the Process: I almost missed a deadline!

*Author note* All titles with an asterisk will be listed with purchase links at the end of the post.

Hey, everyone! Gather around and grab a seat. I have a story to tell about how disaster nearly struck!

Now, is it quite as dramatic as the intro? In some ways, yes. For anyone who’s been around here for a while, you know I have multiple projects in the pipeline. Always. At the moment, I have 17 titles I’m under contract for. (This is not a complaint, I love it. I chose my projects, they were not forced upon me.) As such, I try to keep a detailed list of my deadlines. On this list, I order them from closest due date and onward. I double and triple check this list. I lean heavily upon it to keep myself in line with what needs to be turned in when.

Earlier this month, I started work on my novella Double Shot, for the multi-author series, Coffee Shop. If you’ve seen my books Cherry Sunrises*, Cherry’s Marshmallow Float*, or Mimzie’s Macaw Mafia*, you’re familiar with some of the shop series. One thing that makes these series unique, aside from the fact you have books from a ton of authors and in multiple genres, is that they also involve multiple publishers. This means, unlike with my solo projects with Crazy Ink, deadlines are forced to be immovable. I don’t move my deadlines around anyway, but this comes with the added penalty of being kicked out of future shop series, if I miss a deadline. I completely understand this. It costs publisher’s money when authors miss deadlines, not to mention it messes up multiple publishers with these series.

Can you guess which book it is that I happened to almost botch the deadline for? Double Shot. If I missed this, it would have put a stop to at least 5 upcoming Shop series projects. So, how did I catch this error? Some people say the universe helps them out sometimes, I say God helped me out. The need to talk to a friend of mine, who is also in the Coffee Shop series, arose and I messaged her. Through our conversation, the fact I had the wrong month for the deadline came up. Now, I have the book drafted and will be turning it in by the end of the month.

The moral of the story? Check each deadline as you come to the project, even if you think you have it written down.



Want to buy one of my shop series books? Find Cherry Sunrises here, Cherry’s Marshmallow Float here, or Mimzie’s Macaw Mafia here.

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