The Coffee Shop is serving up delicious treats, just for you!

Hey, y’all! The Coffee Shop is officially and fully open with 25 stand alone titles just for you. Looking for sweet, sassy, steamy, scary, or suspenseful? This shop has a book for you, and I’m thrilled to be able to have taken part with my offering romantic thriller offering, Double Shot. All of these fabulous novellas can be found on Amazon in eBook or paperback. Find the complete list of titles and links below!


White Chocolate PepperMINT Mocha by Tiffany Carby

Iced Coffee Confessions by MW Brown

Jamaican Me Crazy by Stephanie Ayers

I Hate Earl Grey by Katharine O’Neill

The Dead Book Club Drinks Americanos by McKenzie Rae

A Bewitching Brew by Laney Smith

Grease & Lattes by K. Williams

Cinnamon CaPOOCHino Sunsets by Lorah Jaiyn

Sass & Snickerdoodles by Natalie-Nicole Bates

Sips of Irish Cream by Tamika Brown

Forever Cortado by Mia Jones

Amaretto Scented Letters by Michelle Edwards

Hazel Nut by Erin Lee & Olivia Marie

A Cup for Joe by Susan Burdorf

French Press by Eve Corso

CaraMel Sundays by Marie Ahls

Double Shot by Justina Luther

In the Fogs of London by Jennie L. Morris

Blonde Roast by TJ Penn

Catuccino’s Cafe by Barb Shuler

Hot Chocolate Twins by Rita Delude

French Vanilla Spice by Angela K. Parker

The Color of Café au Lait by Laney Smith

Death with a French Vanilla Splash by Rena Marin

Protecting the Frappe by Samantha Rae

As alway, thank you for reading!



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