Ten Questions for a Fictional Character: Isabelle of Taking Chances



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***Attention!!!*** This is a follow up to my story Taking Chances. For Part I of this story, click here. For Part II, click here.

Isabelle props herself up in bed, Justin hovering over her like a helicopter while Heather looks on from a couple of feet away.

“You don’t have to do this, Issy,” Heather says.

“I want to, honestly. Please, take a seat.” She motions to me and I silently perch at the foot of the mattress, my notepad and pen at the ready. “Any more attention brought to epilepsy is good, right?” She fidgets with the bedspread, twisting it around her left index finger. “And if I didn’t want anyone to know, that train is well and truly a mile out of the station.” Continue reading

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Taking Chances: Part II



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  ***Attention!!!*** If you haven’t read the first half of this story, click here, please.

My heart skips and I think of my promise to Heather, but I push the thought away. Not every headache brings a seizure with it.

Once we all have our skates we make our way to benches around the ice. I can practically feel Heather’s eyes following me, but I sit down on one of the benches nearest to the door in the rink’s wall, a little away from where Jasmine and Erin have her cornered asking all sorts of questions about her makeup, and begin untying my shoes.

“This seat taken?”

I blink dumbly at Justin, smiling after a split second too long. Continue reading

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Hi, everyone. 

Due to the serious nature of my current story’s topic I’m sending the second half to a friend who has had epilepsy touch her life in a very serious way. I want to make sure I’ve handled the story in a realistic, responsible, and respectful manner.

 Due to this, the post may take a bit longer to be posted. I thank you so much for your saintly patience in what seems to be a never ending swamp of delays I appear to be putting myself into lately. 

I’m so sorry! I thank you all for reading and choosing to spend some of your valuable time in my imagination. 

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Taking Chances: Part I



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January 16, 2:30 p.m.

“Are you sure you want to do this, Isabelle?” Heather says, buckling herself into the driver’s seat.

I rub the tweed pattern on my coat and nod. “I’ve always wanted to try ice skating. Today is my 26’th birthday and if I’m not going to start trying things now, then when will I?” I try to give her a convincing smile, but I’m not sure it works. I do want to do this, but the knots in my stomach would call me a liar if I tried to say I wasn’t scared.

“If you feel one coming on, you have to tell me. Don’t worry about what anyone else will say. Don’t think about anything but yourself. Promise me you will tell me.”

“What are you, my mom?”

“No, I’m your friend. However, she does pay me to make sure you don’t do things like crack your head on the ice.”

I buckle my seatbelt. “Let’s go.”

“Promise first, drive second.” Folding her arms, she scowls at me.

Why does she treat me like I’m five? I sigh, seeing her eyebrows practically shake hands over her nose. We’re not going anywhere if she doesn’t get her way. “Fine.” Continue reading

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A Peek Behind the Curtain: Hitting Pause


As every artist knows, our creativity ebbs and flows. Most artists dealing in other art forms, to my knowledge, aren’t told to create no matter what quite like writers are. My Facebook feed has been plastered lately with images that say things like “Write through writer’s block.” or “The only thing you have to do is write.” Along with other such mottos. The great “they” say this is the best advice a writer can have, however, for a year I’ve disagreed. Continue reading

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Ten Questions for a Fictional Character: Evelyn of A Christmas Alone



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***Attention!!!*** This post contains spoilers about my story A Christmas Alone. To find this story, click here.


I sit at Evelyn’s kitchen table with her beside me and open my laptop.

“What are you doing?”

I say nothing, but after a moment, Corporal Nesbit’s face appears. “I wanted to interview you both.”

            Folding her arms, she huffs.

He nods to us both. “Thank you for allowing me to take part in this. Hello, Evelyn.”

“Evelyn, you seem upset with the corporal. Why is that?”

            “Because he’s a liar, that’s why.” She rolls her eyes. Continue reading

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Hey, everyone. 

I was cooking a whole chicken for the first time tonight (I’ve actually never cooked with chicken at all) and my post completely slipped my mind! I was too absorbed by what I was doing. Haha 

I’ll have the post up tomorrow afternoon. You will still have your Monday post, I promise.

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