Ruling Reader Rules:

DiamondHi, everyone. As you  know, my readers mean everything to me. This blog would be nothing without each of you. As a thank you, I’m starting the Ruling Reader program here on my blog.

“Just what is the Ruling Reader program,” you say?

Thank you for asking.

The Ruling Reader program is a biweekly contest where an eligible reader is chosen at random to not only pick the next story they want to see me do, but to have have a personal shout out in blog post form, and bragging rights of Ruling Reader for two weeks!      

“How do I become an eligible reader,” you say?

To be eligible for the Ruling Reader Program you need 3 things:

  1.  You must be a follower of this blog, either on WordPress, or via email. (Note, the email follow option is at the top of the widget area to the right.)
  2. Leave a comment on my most recent story (With first name or nickname and last initial only. I need to know who to shout out to, but remember, always be careful about your online privacy). This comment can be a question, if you’d like it to be featured in the next character interview, or it can just be what you thought of the story, or a simple hello.
  3. You must follow me on Twitter. @JustinaLuther
  4. (Optional) Share my latest story on Facebook or Twitter

I know a writer is useless without her readers, so I thank each and every one of you. Thank you for spending a little time in my imagination. Contest winners will be announced on Saturday’s.


6 Responses to Ruling Reader Rules:

  1. Equious says:

    I’m clearly too much of a scrub to find a more appropriate way to contact you, buut As you’re clearly better established here than I, I was hoping you might have a spare olive branch…

    When I share posts on social media, there’s never an image attached to the post unless media has explicitly been added to the post (i.e. a picture I’ve uploaded). Is there a way to set a ‘brand/logo’ to be used as a default? .. I see you have a browser tab icon etc, I imagine that’s all I would need to change…. Though that’s largely speculation. Any advice you have the time you impart is greatly appreciated.


    • You’re not a scrub, so don’t worry about that! I’m always happy to help where I can.

      Since posts containing pictures have been proven to get more traffic than those without, I always post a picture. I find mine at
      The pictures are free and most don’t require attribution.
      This being said, the simplest way I can think of to add your brand/logo to every tweet/post would be to save your logo in your blog’s media file and simply add that to each post so it shows up on your tweets. I’m not certain there is another way to do it, unfortunately.

      I hope this helps, but if not, let me know and I’ll ask my blogging friends to see if they have any ideas.


      • Equious says:

        I stumbled across the area to upload the browser tab icon, which I’ve done, but it didn’t show on my Facebook feed the way I was hoping..

        I’m wondering if maybe there’s a stylized way I could use an image to act as the first letter in the first word of every post…

        I’ll have to do some digging, motivation willing.

        I appreciate the help 🙂


      • Sorry I couldn’t be of much assistance. I’m not the most computer savvy in the world. My blog was built using what is basic and free on WordPress. I’d be happy to still ask my friends, if you’d like.


      • Equious says:

        It’s ok 🙂 I think I found a nice way to do it. I retroactively added a smokey letter to start each post, it should show up on any shares, so the links don’t look so barren.

        Check it out sometime, lemme know what you think!


      • I might just do that! Sorry I couldn’t really help. Keep up the awesome blogging!

        Liked by 1 person

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