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Six Word Story: Not a Damsel.

Hey, y’all! Trying a new thing with all the brain fog the world is bringing at the moment. What do you think? Find more of my work here.

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LIVE Q&A With Author Justina Luther!

Hey, everyone! You may have seen that I participated in a Q&A last Saturday. This was such a wonderful opportunity and I thank MIDNIGHTLION for it. Today, I decided to do a Q&A here for anyone who missed the last one or has more questions. I’ll be live answering questions from 10AM EST to 9PM EST. Have a question about my work or writing in general? Leave it in a comment below and I’ll answer it during the Q&A hours! Continue reading

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Peek at the Process/Behind the Curtain: Life and Marketing

Hey, everyone! Before we get started, I wanted to let y’all know about my shiny new website! Find all the places you can find me online, all my available titles, and my upcoming titles in one place by clicking here! … Continue reading

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Peek at the Process: Book Glamour Shots

Hi, everyone! You read the title correctly. This week, I’ve started delving into what I call, book glamour shots. These photos are excellent, not only for showcasing a pretty cover which is crucial for catching a readers attention, but they’re … Continue reading

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