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Behind the Curtain: This Post Could Save A Life.

  Hey, everyone! Believe it or not, the title isn’t clickbait. I mean what Isaid. As some of you may have noticed, I did not post last week. Why? My Dadwas in the hospital. Writers come across things every day … Continue reading

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Behind The Curtain: It’s Okay to Make Mistakes.

*Quick warning, this post may be upsetting to some.* Hey, everyone! I know the title and warning sound ominous but no worries, nothing bad has happened and I haven’t made any major mistakes…to my knowledge. That being said, as you have … Continue reading


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Clean Cut: Part I

  “Good morning, Pam!” I wave, pushing my newly purple bangs out of my face with the other hand. After a hot second, she finally looks up from her phone her forehead creasing. “Emma, you’re late.” “Just wanted to give … Continue reading

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A Peek Behind the Curtain: Beauty and the Books

Hi, everyone. I’ve been wanting to do another Behind the Curtains post for a couple of weeks, but it wasn’t until today that I had a semi-solid something in mind to write about. (Also, my brain juice for new short … Continue reading

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