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Happy 3’rd Anniversary!!

Hi, everyone! Since today is a special day, I thought I might check in and update y’all on what have turned out to be a very interesting last couple of weeks. As you all know, my writing hit the proverbial … Continue reading

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Asking for Help

Hi, everyone. Your usual post is on the way, but I need a little help. For a while I’ve found myself rundown, brain blocked, lacking words, without enthusiasm, and so on. (As I’ve probably mentioned too many times.) And any … Continue reading

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Clean Cut: Part II

***Attention!!!*** Find Part I of this story here.   Thank you, everyone for being so patient! I’m sorry this post was so terribly late. I do sincerely hope you all find it worth the wait. Now, on with the story! … Continue reading

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A Peek Behind the Curtain: Beauty and the Books

Hi, everyone. I’ve been wanting to do another Behind the Curtains post for a couple of weeks, but it wasn’t until today that I had a semi-solid something in mind to write about. (Also, my brain juice for new short … Continue reading

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Ten Questions for a Fictional Character: Isabelle of Taking Chances

    ***Attention!!!*** This is a follow up to my story Taking Chances. For Part I of this story, click here. For Part II, click here. Isabelle props herself up in bed, Justin hovering over her like a helicopter while … Continue reading

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Taking Chances: Part II

    ***Attention!!!*** If you haven’t read the first half of this story, click here, please. My heart skips and I think of my promise to Heather, but I push the thought away. Not every headache brings a seizure with … Continue reading

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Taking Chances: Part I

    January 16, 2:30 p.m. “Are you sure you want to do this, Isabelle?” Heather says, buckling herself into the driver’s seat. I rub the tweed pattern on my coat and nod. “I’ve always wanted to try ice skating. … Continue reading

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